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- Grateful Loss, (2022) for lyric soprano and piano, composed for the American Opera 

Project’s Composers and the Voice program. LIbretto by Troy Defour. Length: (3:00).


- A Few Candles, (2022) for bass and piano, composed for the American Opera Project’s 

Composers and the Voice program. Libretto by Isabella Dawis. Length: (3:12).


- Collection of Songs (2021/2022) for my own voice, chamber ensemble and electronics in 

collaboration with UK producer. Length (20:00) 


- Ave Maria, (2021) for mezzo-soprano and piano composed for the American 

Opera Project’s Composers and the Voice program. Length: (4:34).


- Hope, Care & Longing (2021) violin, cello, flute, bass clarinet, and percussion. 

Commissioned by The Knights, to be performed at the Albany Art Museum, December 

6th, 2021. Length: 16:00). 


- Sunsets in my Mind (2021) for string quartet. Commissioned by MATA and 

performed by the Bergamot Quartet. Length: (6:00). 


- Magdalene: Her Dream of Integration (2020) for soprano, string quartet and harp. 

Commissioned by Danielle Birrittella and the Prototype Festival as part of the opera 

Magdalene. NYC. Length: (5:00). 


- The Trees are Falling (2020) soprano, three electric guitars, piano, flute, 

percussion. Length: (10:00). 


- Blossom and Shake (2020) for solo Marimba, commissioned by Ji Su Jung


- The Ache (2019) for orchestra, premiered by the Yale Philharmonia. Length (9:00)


- Time Stops (2019) soprano, string quartet, electronics. Length (10:00) 


- Farewell, first lady of the air (2018) soprano, flute, bass clarinet, percussion, piano,        

 electronics. Commissioned and performed by the Fresh Squeezed Opera Company. 

Length: (12:00)


- Ashes (2018) two sopranos, piano, clarinet, flute, harp, violin, cello, electronics 

(Three movements, movement 1 commissioned by MATA, movements 2 and 3  

commissioned by Roulette and the Jerome Foundation, NYC. Length (45:00) 


- Where Is My Voice (2017) piano, clarinet, flute, violin, cello, electronics. 

Commissioned and performed by the Nouveau Classical Project Length (10:00)


- Glitter Whisper (2017) two acoustic guitars, electronics. Commissioned and 

performed by Duo Noir Length: (10:00) 


- Series of Songs for my moniker GABI’s second album, titled Empty Me (2016/2017) 

Voice, electronics, harp, bass clarinet, percussion. Commissioned by record label “Double 

Double Whammy” Length: (45:00)


- Bodiless (opera Act 2 and 3) (2014) three sopranos, three flutes, three clarinets, harp, 

 electric guitar, piano, and percussion; Commissioned by Roulette and the  Jerome    

 Foundation performed by Contemporaneous Ensemble Length: (45:00)


- Songs (below) for album on Record Label “Software Recording Co.” and 

performed by my GABI Ensemble (2014): 


- Mud; processed voice, percussion: glockenspiel, marimba, bass drum, harp, violin, 

viola; Length: (15:00) 


- Hymn; voice, percussion: glockenspiel, drum set, processed harmonica, violin, viola; 

Length: (15:00) 


- Love Song solo voice and electronics; (Length: 5:00)


- Da Void voice, percussion, electric guitar, violin, viola; Length: (9:00)


- Fleece voice, percussion, piano, violin, viola, trombone, electronics; Length (7:00) 


- Koo Koo voice, marimba, vibraphone, electronics.

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